Newsletter – What’s RebelMouse?


Click on this little guy to see Lynnette’s RebelMouse newsletter.

Rebelmouse is a simple way to curate a newsletter. In my case it picks up anything I Tweet, like entries to my blogs plus things I come across that catch my eye. Since all of my social networks are also linked to Twitter it picks up anything I post to Pinterest or Tumblr and so forth not to mention My retweets and favorites show up here too.

I can add articles and websites on the go with their bookmarklet or post directly to my RebelMouse newsletter too. I can also add other sites I want to include such as content from social networks or the site of someone with similar interests. And I can share anything I post to @rebelmouse on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ immediately.

This way anything and everything I have an interest in appears in a curated newsletter format that readers and followers can see at a glance.

The header can be customized along with the layout and the stats received let me know which posts are the most popular.

Looks great and it’s quick and easy!

How’s that for increasing my visibility?

Please sign up for deliveries from Lynnette and Rebelmouse to your inbox.

Got any suggestions, comments or questions?


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